Apple Music vs Spotify: What’s new for each service?

Apple Music: How time has flown – Apple Music has just celebrated its 5th birthday. With WWDC 2020 out the way, we’re wondering whether Apple’s anticipated iPhone 12 event in September will bring with it some new Apple Music features.

Spotify: If you live with someone who uses Spotify Premium, you could save money on your own subscription by signing up to Spotify Premium Duo, the latest subscription tier from the music streaming service. 

The feature allows two people to share one Spotify subscription plan, while still retaining their own individual Premium accounts and logins, allowing you to save on the cost without sacrificing the freedom of listening without ads and creating your own playlists.

The music world has always been about rivalries. There’s Taylor Swift vs. Kanye, Tupac vs. Biggie, Eminem vs… everyone? Now, the rise of the music streaming service over the last decade means you can add a new rivalry to the mix: Spotify vs Apple Music

While there are any number of streaming services for you to choose from out there, the only two contenders you should care about are the Swedish-born Spotify with its freemium music model and Apple Music, the replacement to iTunes that has exclusive albums and a monstrous 50-million song library. 

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